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As we pride ourselves on being a people business it is gratifying that Our Team is consistently the most visited page on our website. In the last year it has been visited more than twice as often as any other page and shows that most people are naturally curious to know more about the voice on the other end of the telephone. There is no doubt in our minds that Weatherbys Hamilton will need to keep abreast of technology in the years ahead if it is to give its clients the best of both worlds, but that should never be at the expense of employing people of the highest calibre that we can find.

Any comparison with Scrooge is entirely unmerited but we abandoned the concept of an office Christmas party a long time ago. Instead we have always thought it better to have our annual get-together in February or March when there are fewer distractions and Our Team tends to need cheering up at the end of a long winter. In recent times we have been to Lille for lunch on the Eurostar, to the Stoop to watch Harlequins, but this year we embarked on a GPS treasure hunt with various challenges along the way. This took place in and around Covent Garden and Whitehall, followed by a high-speed voyage down the Thames in Ribs. All extremely good fun and the rather sober photos of Our Team that feature on the website give no inkling of the raging competitiveness that lies beneath the surface.

At the risk of shattering a few illusions, we are posting a few memories of the day but can assure you that the next time that you pick up the telephone everything will have returned to normal! Our Team remains our strongest asset and long may it remain so.